No, Really: The USA Swimming Investigation Is Just Getting Started

# USA Swimming Scandal

News has broken of potentially rampant USA swimming sex abuse. Now, swimmers across the country who may have been hurt by swim coach abuse are coming forward.

We’re here for women who were hurt, and our goal is to help you seek justice so you can help protect other young women and restart your life.

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PS, This is supremely confidential. You may even have the option of taking a stand while remaining anonymous through the use of a pseudonym, so please do not “opt yourself out” until you learn your options because standing up may be much more comfortable than you think! Also, talk about hitting reset and #StartingaNewChapter!

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Truth: There are so many more stories of abuse left to be told. And it’s time we start talking about them.

Even if someone already told you you don’t have legal options, don’t take their word for it. What happened to you was wrong and you may have considerable legal options to demand justice and help protect other girls.

We’ve been there, we’re tired of it and we’re oh-so-ready for survivors of USA swim coach abuse to fight back.

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I t’s like we’ve heard it a million times, the same story, the same hurt, but then it happens to you, your team, your friend, to YOU, and suddenly it’s all totally new, and surreal, and horrible in a way you can’t put in words. So you try to push it down but it won’t work, you keep replaying what happened again and again — nothing seems to make it better.

We get that. Our goal is to be here for you so you don’t feel so alone or misunderstood. And, our goal is to talk about this one hard fact: It won’t get better, not all the way better, not better for everyone, until those who were hurt stand up in such large numbers that you can’t look away anymore.

Swimming sex abuse of this potential scale isn’t about one person hurting another person. It’s about one person hurting another person and many more people looking the other way. Many more people seeing that something was wrong and doing next to nothing. Many more people potentially not following protocol, not reporting abuse, not doing what they could and should have done to stop it. It’s systemic abuse. It goes deep. And the USA swimming lawsuit may just be the start of it.

We’re talking: ANY sexual acts in nature — touching, kissing, anything that didn’t feel ok or right to you, we’re also talking pictures, sexual demands, all of it — if it felt wrong it likely wasn’t ok and you may have legal options to fight back.

Sexual abuse is the most underreported crime in the world. We’re talking about an epidemic of abuse, right under our noses, in countless gyms throughout the country.

PS: The USA swimming lawsuit may go very deep. Hold your abuser to account and find justice. You can make it safer for young athletes who are still at risk today. And at the very least? Learn about the USA swimming scandal and swim coach abuse and YOUR potential options so you can make your choice about what you want to do and how.

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