It Wasn't Just You. Sex Traffickers Hurt Thousands of People Every Single Day.

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We get it. All you wanted was to be loved. To feel special.

So when you met that handsome young man online or at the mall – well, he seemed to be the answer to your dreams. He was kind to you; he gave you compliments. Even better, he realized your potential and promised you a life where you didn’t have to worry about money and you could have the clothes and handbags and things that you wanted and deserved.

The truth is, you did deserve these things. You still do. But you did not deserve to be abused.

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That “too-good-to-be-true” guy was just that. He was not true. He was not kind. He did not love you.

He was a master manipulator and used his power to enslave you in the most horrible ways. He sold you. He, and the huge industry behind him, made millions of dollars by selling you. Over and over. It was all about the money. For him. For them. It was never about you.

Human trafficking is big business in the United States. It happens everywhere. In many cases sex and labor trafficking has had the complicit support of big companies such as online sellers, hotels and transportation services. These companies made fortunes off your pain.


Reclaim Your Power Through Legal Action

A Case for Women is working with six of the nation’s top law firms to help women and men who have been trafficked tell their stories and reclaim their power by using legal action against the people and companies that profited from your abuse. These firms are committed to ending sexual exploitation and holding wrongdoers accountable.

Together we are dedicated to: bringing more attention to the issue of trafficking, helping survivors speak out and take legal action, using lawsuits to provide monetary compensation to survivors and taking down the entities that have supported this dark industry.

All of the law firms listed below are involved in this effort and all work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you do not have to worry about paying to take legal action.

These law firms will fight for you and will only be compensated if and when they achieve a positive settlement or verdict in your case.

Together, A Case for Women and this consortium of premier law firms is dedicated to turning the tide of sex and labor trafficking and to helping survivors of trafficking seek and obtain justice.

  • Andrus Wagstaff, PC
  • The Lanier Law Firm
  • Levin Papantonio, PA
  • Pennock Law Firm, LLC
  • Weitz & Luxenberg, PC
  • Zarzaur, Mujumdar, & Debrosse, LLC

If You Are Not Currently Safe, Click Here For Immediate Resources 

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A Case for Women’s Trafficking initiative is sponsored by the law firms of Andrus Wagstaff, PC; Levin Papantonio, PA; Pennock Law Firm, LLC; Weitz & Luxenberg, PC; Zarzaur, Mujumdar, & Debrosse, LLC, and The Lanier Law Firm. These firms may be affiliated with select other A Case for Women initiatives.

Andrus Wagstaff is headquartered in Denver, CO; Levin Papantonio is headquartered in Pensacola, FL; Pennock Law Firm is headquartered in Jersey City, NJ; Weitz & Luxenberg is headquartered in New York, NY; Zarzaur, Mujumdar & Debrosse is headquartered in Birmingham, AL; and The Lanier Law Firm is headquartered in Houston, TX.

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