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It Was Supposed To Be The

Then the days go on, the weeks, the months or even years, each time you figure there’s nothing you could do. Not then, not now. It was simply a matter of wrong place, wrong time, wrong person. You try to look the other way, to move on and look forward. Yet you shiver when you hear his name, and as far as you may try to run, that history stays with you, stuck.

You were sexually abused by someone you trusted in a place you’d least expect. That will catch up to you, and the time will come to ask, “What Now?”

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Every time a school board, professor or college counsellor looks the other way they are not only breaking their pact to serve their students, they are breaking the law and hurting you where it hurts most — you lose trust, in everything. So no wonder the most common course of action among victims of sexual abuse is to stay quiet, to think that the cost is too high to speak up. You say, “I don’t want my family to know, my friends, I don’t want to be looked at that way…”.

The problem is that every bad requires a culprit, and if you can’t rightly express the hurt of what happened to you on the offender, it will eventually, in your head and heart, get stuck on you. You blame yourself, you go inward.

Sweetie, this was not about you. You didn’t ask for what happened, you didn’t want it and you didn’t cause it; we repeat: The fault is not on you, it never was.

Did it happen to you? We offer free, confidential, no obligation consults — because you need to know your options. We’ll help you stop running.


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