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Paragard Lawsuits 101

Plaintiff attorney: Represents people without any upfront payment, taking on the full risk and ONLY ever being paid back for their work by a % of the sum ONLY IF they win or settle.

Contingency: How they do it. Eg, working on contingency means finding a way to represent people without any payment to keep the lights on.

✅ ✅ ✅

No, Really: “Plaintiff Attorneys” have worked on “Contingency” for decades, representing individuals who were hurt by potentially negligent corporations. Typically these plaintiffs were male. Now, women are rising up — as attorneys, as judges and as plaintiffs saying enough is enough. Thanks to more women – and, ahem, more plaintiff attorneys representing women in “female-specific issues” like birth control, well, we’re counting on some big changes.

More accountability, more safeguards and protections, less of the rest.

Now about you: We’re talking to women who were hurt by Paragard everyday yet only about 1 in 10 women qualify for legal action. It’s a combo of how they were hurt, when and where. What that means, ultimately, is that every woman who qualifies to take legal action and chooses to do so ends up standing up not “just” for herself, but also for the countless other women who were also hurt yet didn’t have the same options to secure representation.

All this to say, we’re super excited you can do something. Here’s to the ultimate end goal — #safebirthcontrol for all.