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Have an IVC Filter, or "Inferior Vena Cava Filter?"

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Contact us if you or someone you love were (was) implanted with an IVC Filter, also called an “Inferior Vena Cava Filter.”

Inferior Vena Cava Filters are blood filters that are placed directly into the “inferior vena cava vein” in order to treat certain blood clots. Often the filters were put in during surgery to prevent the blood clots. Sadly, they may come with a lot of other problems.

People around the country are filing individual IVC Filter lawsuits because of the many dangers that may be associated with Inferior Vena Cava Blood Filters.

If you have an IVC Filter and want to take legal action because of the complications associated with it, please contact us — the time is very limited to take legal action.

The FDA has issued SEVERAL safety warnings about IVC Filters. Also, in 2010, the FDA even reported that it had received over 900 reports from people suffering after they were implanted with the medical device.

Then came 2014, the year the FDA updated its IVC Filter warning, advising doctors to remove retrievable IVC Filters within 29 to 54 days after its implantation. This is a very big deal. And the kind of horrible side effects that may come with IVC Filters, thankfully, do not happen often. That’s why we’re here to help you learn your options if you or someone you know were implanted with an IVC Filter.

Problems from IVC Filters may include scary things like having the medical device break apart, move within the body or even puncture organs.

Sadly, IVC Filters may be especially hurting people today because the medical implant may not have been sufficiently tested before they started being sold. Even more frustrating, some IVC Filters may have had a label change from words like “nonpermanent” or “retrievable” to packaging with words like “permanent”– even though very little may have been done to actually change the product and make it more permanent.

The crazy thing is IVC Filters were supposed to help SAVE YOUR LIFE.

IVC Filters are typically implanted when patients are at risk of Pulmonary Embolisms or blood clots. Sometimes the risk is temporary, like after an accident, and sometimes the risk may be determined to be more permanent. One thing that is always the case? The wish that IVC Filters would not cause more problems — the wish that IVC Filters would be, not only capable of minimizing the risk for a blood clot, but also capable of not breaking, protruding or moving within the patient’s body. With an IVC Filter lawsuit, you won’t be able to take back what already happened, but you will be able to do your part to help hold the makers of IVC Filters accountable.

We’re here to help you figure out the “What Now?”

Sadly, even if you or your loved one is not suffering now, you may be at risk of future complications and injuries from your IVC Filter. We encourage you to learn your legal options now to better protect yourself or your loved one in the future.