I am still receiving Injectafer or have upcoming appointments scheduled to receive Injectafer, will this hurt my case?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is dependent on each individual person and her individual case, but firms are aware of this concern. If we’re able to connect you with a firm, I would encourage you to discuss this with them, and they will work with you to find the course of action that works best for you.

I’m just learning about this! What are some common side effects from Injectafer other women are experiencing, or that I should be looking for?

I recommend you check in with your doctor regarding the full list of potential side effects from Injectafer.

My doctor does not think my symptoms are related to my iron infusions.

I’m so glad you discussed this with your doctor. If you’d like, we can still look into your options to see if what you’ve been experiencing might line up with current legal action. You can also fill out a questionnaire, and if anything changes in the future, you can contact us about potentially moving forward.

I’m not sure what the brand was of the iron infusions I had.

I recommend reaching out to your doctor or consulting your medical records to determine the type of iron infusions you received. You can always fill out a questionnaire with us, using whatever information you currently have on hand, while you look into that. Then we can start looking into your options while you determine that brand of the iron infusion.

I am going to need another infusion next month! Do you think I should cancel it/still do it?

I recommend you contact your doctor and discuss any questions or concerns you may have about your treatment directly with him or her.

How can I prove that what I’ve been going through is due to being prescribed Injectafer?

It’s not your job to prove anything. That is your attorney’s job. Certain side effects have been linked to Injectafer; your attorney will look at your medical records, your individual experience, and other factors to determine if you have a case.

I’m shocked and upset that my doctor would prescribe this to me. Shouldn’t my doctor have known?

One of the reasons these cases are being taken on is because both patients and doctors were not given sufficient information about the medication. So doctors usually aren’t at fault. Law firms are going after big companies, like the manufacturers of Injectafer, for potentially withholding key information that otherwise would have prevented it from being on the market.

I’m afraid I will be refused care due to joining the lawsuit.

This lawsuit would be against the manufacturer of Injectafer and would not involve your current or past medical care providers. If we’re able to connect you with a firm and you ever felt that you were being refused care for any reason you would be able to consult with your firm about it.

I don’t want to get in trouble/owe money if it turns out I don’t really have a case.

There is no financial risk to this. If for some reason your potential firm can’t get what it needs to file your case or they don’t win/settle your case, then you will owe nothing. The firm would only ever be paid their percentage if, and only if, they win or settle. That money comes out of the winnings or settlement, NOT your pocket. We want you to be able to take legal action that is your right, without financial risk!