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Truth: You may have so many more legal options than you realize. If you were hurt by playing the sport you loved (hey gymanstics, hi there swimming, howdy ice skating!), you have rights — be it sexual or emotional abuse, don’t discount your right to speaking up before you learn your options. 

“Speak up for your sisters…  

Accessing your legal rights is not a Law and Order episode. You can take a stand without sacrificing your sanity or re-triggering yourself. Scouts honor. Learn how by contacting us!

What This is About

Having the women of today stand up for the girls of tomorrow. (We all know things won’t change until we speak up. We have to put the hesitation aside to take actionable steps that count.)
Holding the people who hid this for years — be they the perpetrators themselves or the people who could have spoken up, and instead did nothing (see gym owners, governing bodies) — accountable so they stop. hurting. girls. now.
In other words: Get your life back by speaking up and setting the record straight. You deserve it. 

Oh, PS — this is abuse:

{Sexually explicit talk. Groping. Taking pictures that are sexual in nature. And so much more.}

If ^^ happened stop discounting yourself and your story… contact us already! We’re women helping women helping women take a stand. Even you. 🙏

A Case for Women’s gymnastics sexual abuse initiative is sponsored by the law firm of Andrus Wagstaff, PC, headquartered in Denver, CO, to bring justice to yesterday’s survivors and to protect today’s children. Andrus Wagstaff may be affiliated with select other A Case for Women initiatives.

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If there is no recovery (compensation), no fees or costs are charged!