Ovarian Cancer Patients Have Been Awarded Billions in Talcum Powder Verdicts.

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# Talcum Powder Lawsuit

J&J Allegedly Knew About the Cancer Risk But Did Nothing – And Has Been Hit With Billions in Verdicts.

$4.69 billion

In July 2018, a jury awarded $4.69 billion to a group of 22 women who claimed Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder-containing products, such as Baby Powder, caused their ovarian cancer. In December 2018, the company lost its motion to reverse the verdict.

$110 million

In May 2017, another jury awarded $110 million to a woman who claimed that her use of Baby Powder over the course of decades caused her to develop ovarian cancer. Johnson & Johnson has stated that the company will appeal the decision.

$70 million

In October 2016, an ovarian cancer patient was awarded $70 million after alleging that her cancer was caused by years of Baby Powder use. Johnson & Johnson has also stated that the company will appeal the decision.

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Johnson & Johnson’s History of Deception

  • As early as 1957, J&J’s own documents reported finding minerals found in asbestos in their talc.
  • By 1976, the FDA weighed limits on asbestos in cosmetic talc products. J&J assured the regulator that no asbestos was detected in any sample of talc produced between December 1972 and October 1973. This assurance was a lie.
  • In the 1972-1975 time frame, at least three tests found asbestos in their talc, and they even reported in one case that levels were “rather high”. Reuters Special Report
  • In the most recent development in the Talc cases, APRIL 2020, Judge Wolfson has ruled to allow Plaintiffs’ experts to testify that Talc contains asbestos despite Johnson & Johnson’s repeated denials. This testimony is crucial for Plaintiffs in this talcum powder litigation
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News Stories Uncover Asbestos in J&J Powder Products

Turns out it’s not just talcum powder, but news reports from Reuters and The New York Times have found that Johnson & Johnson’s powder products, including Baby Powder, were tainted with asbestos, a substance linked to the deadly cancer mesothelioma, but the company failed to release this information to the public. Instead, according to numerous internal company memos, reports and other documents noted in the news stories, corporate executives chose to cover up this information. Though the company has denied these allegations, tens of thousands of lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson for ovarian cancer and mesothelioma linked to their powder products are still pending.

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Studies Link Talcum Powder Use to Increased Ovarian Cancer Risks

The number of studies that link talcum powder use to an increased risk of ovarian cancer in women is staggering.

A 2016 study in Epidemiology found that ovarian cancer was thirty-three percent higher for women who used talc for intimate personal hygiene (as in, sprinkling it in their panties or around their private areas to keep dry) on a regular basis than those who did not.

In another study published in June 2013 in the Cancer Prevention Research journal, women who used talcum powder for personal hygiene had a 20 percent increased risk of developing ovarian cancer.

A previous 2003 study published in Anticancer Research reported that use of talcum powder in intimate areas increased the risk of ovarian cancer by nearly 30 percent.

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Tell Big Pharma It’s Not Okay to Play with Women’s Lives!