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No, It Wasn’t Just You.

Kurn Hattin Pressured to Surrender License to Operate as a Treatment Facility

Though rumors may have persisted for decades, the horrendous abuse at Kurn Hattin Homes for Children is finally being exposed. Survivors indoctrinated into this horrific existence are now coming forward with reports of physical and sexual abuse that are nothing short of shocking.

And in September 2020, the Vermont Department for Children and Families (DCF) asked Kurn Hattin to relinquish its license to operate as a residential treatment facility. The DCF’s investigation found that Kurn Hattin failed to report instances of sexual abuse within 24 hours (as required by law). Even worse, administrators appeared to have done little to nothing to stop the abuse.

In the past, these survivors were often not believed or were too afraid to step forward, and nothing was done to help them. But not anymore. A Case for Women is helping survivors step forward, speak their truths and hold Kurn Hattin accountable. Even if it has been decades since you were hurt, you may well have powerful legal options at your disposal – and at no upfront cost to you.

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We get it – Why didn’t you speak up sooner?

This is a question often asked by people who do not understand how difficult abuse can be to confront. Those who have endured that life know better. Oftentimes trauma causes people to dissociate and over time, memories become jumbled and fragmented as the brain struggles to cope. We get it. If you’ve endured this kind of trauma, it’s time to tell your story and be compensated for your pain.

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It’s SO NOT Your Fault.

There is nothing anyone could ever do to deserve to be abused yet, survivors frequently feel shame– often encouraged by others with such shame messaging as: “What were you thinking?,” “Why didn’t you say something soon?,” “You should have known better.”

Well we say “ENOUGH.” If you are coping with feelings of shame, remember, it was NOT your fault and those who violated your body, your mind and your trust should be held accountable.

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